The principals of Hawk Ridge Homes Inc. have been developing lands and building quality homes and condominiums in the Hamilton and Burlington area since 1988.

Some of the most recent sites completed in the Waterdown area include 170 Rockhaven on Rockahven Lane, Borers Creek on Duncan Ave., Regal Heights on Silver Court, Grindstone Mill condos and the redevelopment of the old Waterdown High School into a 94 unit apartment and townhouse complex – their signature project.

Fresh, new ideas, innovation, professionalism and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of their philosophy. At Hawk Ridge Homes Inc. they are committed to continued improvements in design and quality of construction as seen in their most recent project 170 Rockhaven Lane, a 53 unit low rise condominium building in the heart of Waterdown. This building is comprised of 40 beautifully designed residential units – some with lofts, along with 13 commercial units and ample underground parking.

At Hawk Ridge Homes Inc. we strive to bring you a home that truly reflects not only the way you want to live today but also tomorrow.


At Hawk Ridge Homes we pride ourselves in providing only well crafted homes at affordable prices.

We use only seasoned professional trades people to help create our unique designs and are constantly researching and adopting new and innovative construction methods and materials. This, combined with our attention to detail and personalized service are designed to make the purchase of your new home a rewarding and worry-free experience.


May 21, 2017

Hawk Ridge Homes built a condominium in Waterdown about 2 years ago. My husband and I were one of the first to move in; there was a lot of thought that went into this building for retired people as well as for young people. We have wheelchair access, our mail is delivered to the building, also great security, underground parking, elevators and each unit has its own furnace and air conditioning unit. This building was built with a lot of care and very good craftsmanship.

Thank’s Hawk Ridge Home we are very happy with our choice.

Owner at 170 Rockhaven Lane
Mr. And Mrs. Mann

My name is Wayne Stirling and I am presently an owner of one of the units at 170 Rockhaven Lane as well as on the board of management.

I had the pleasure of moving into this newly built condominium in April of 2015.

From 2013 I continually visited the site and observed the construction of the building from bare ground through the placing of the “footings” , to the rising of the walls and finally the roof. I was impressed with the quality of work I watched being done by Hawk Ridge Homes Inc. I noticed the roof was different than I had seen on other buildings and asked about this. It was then I learned that it had been built better than code required. I watched during a two week period as a “purple wrap” was placed on all exterior walls. Again this was something not required but would keep moisture out should it get beyond the brick work. The basement (parking garage) received the same treatment only with the black vapour barrier.

Through two acquaintances, that are in the construction business and are owners of same, advised me that the exterior construction went well beyond the required specified materials. They further conveyed to me that, during the construction, both observed a building that impressed them as it reached each phase.

I have personally had comments from visitors entering the main foyer. They mentioned how nice it was to see tiled floors and an entry that was warm and inviting.

During the summer months (our first summer here) Hawk Ridge Homes Inc. was able to place shrubs, trees, and perennial flowers around that building that drew many positive comments.

The interior of the building has been given a great deal of consideration by the builder as evident by the fact that all units sold with the year.

I expect this building will continue to be a positive landmark in Waterdown for years to come.

Board Member 170 Rockhaven Lane Condiminums
Mr. Stiriling